Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Diaper Bag!

What dya think? For a girl or boy?

My new Xtra Large Size Bucket Tote.

Seriously lots of pockets make up the perfect diaper bag. 7 inch zipper. 3.5 inch cell phone. Running pocket along the bottom inside with 2 7 inch openings and one 5 inch opening.
Did I mention it's HUGE?


Contrariwise said...

I love the funky fabric choice.

But why not also have it as a tote bag. One thing I always wish is for my totes to have pockets and areas to store stuff. this would be perfect.

Oak-n-Tokens said...

Carissa,my friend,I miss you! I love your website! It looks fantastic! Your diaper bags make my want another baby (oh wait, no they don't...I just want the bag!) My mother in law wants to know where your pricing is on the bags... let me know...keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your bags :) they are so awesome, and the materials are so cool :) Thank you for stopping by my blog, and thanks for the compliment and for entering my giveaway :)

hope you'll stop by soon