Friday, October 17, 2008

Tis The Season

Hey! Let's do some shopping!
Think ~Mom ~Grandma ~Sister...

check, check, check!

You design it, I make it up and zip it off!

Gallery Inspirations

Hobo in black Cartwheel lined w/ Spring Green Cartwheel.

Large Tote in Fabulous Kitty Yoshida: City Girl

Small Tote/handbag Dots and Paisley, really hot right now.
100% Cotton quilter's weight, double interfaced, this bag stands on it's own!

Purple? Yes. It's a Small Tote/ Handbag

Medium Tote in Cartwheel Black, paired with my favorite Black Toile
and a solid Apple Green accent.

Newest Addition? The coordinating Toddler Pod! Match it to a Large Tote,
Or to a Hobo bag. Perfectly fits a couple diapers and wipes, attaches keys, and even holds a sippy cup. For those times you don't want the whole bag, ya know?

Medium Tote in Dark Brown with Turquoise Dots and Stripes and Toile.
Awesome together.

These Autumn fabrics are waiting to design themselves into your next awesome custom designer bag. A large tote? YES! A hobo? Even better.

Introducing...Ba Da Bum! The X-tra Large bucket Tote.
I told you that cheetah print would come through.
Happy Holidays!

All canvases are Dry Clean Recommended, and coated with a water repellent/stain repellent. All bags now come with a zippered inner pocket and a cell phone pocket! Large Totes and Hobos include a magnetic closure. Design work, (extra time back and forth with emails, and/or ordering additional fabric to meet your custom design is charged at $10/hour).

I love doing custom work! Contact us for all your orders.
Please get your orders for the Holidays in EARLY. I will make 'em up as quick as I can...
but there's only one of me!


amelia bedelia said...

your bags are precious! (and yes, I said that in a really high pitched voice!)

Becky said...

No my friend it is you that is AWESOME! Look at you go girl. You got talent and a great eye for style! I love these bags/totes. As a mom of 4 I need all the space and easy access I can get. I hope you do very well with this promotion. I hope I win! :-D

Diva Ma said...

Your bags are lovely! Very creative!

christina said...

the Medium Tote in Dark Brown with Turquoise Dots - it's heavenly!!

Trinka said...

I need to order another bag from you...I have a friend that is teaching me knitting and I want to give her a bag she can put all of her needles and yarn in. Can you email me some samples? I have a new email

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Love, love, love that small purple tote...but I didnt find any prices??

kasandria said...

Wow! Your bags are awesome! Enjoyed reading your blog. Keep up the good work!

zafran said...

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